Discord Bots

for all your moderation needs.


this is still a very young bot. It can and will handle your server however. Also it can be modified to your liking, things as, what the banned word are, if there are bad words, and if a user should be warned for using them! i hope you will a try our bot, and give us tips on how to improve it! You can invite it by  this link: (it'll be here soon, as the bot is not quite ready!)


This may be a simple bot, but it works as it should! it is easy to use. The prefix is a dot [.], and you can invite it Here     Just start by typing .help . It will show you all of the available commands, but here they are anyway:

* .play: plays a song / url
* .skip: skips a song
* .help: shows this
* .join: make the bot join your voice channel
* .queue: shows the current queue
* .stop: clears queue and stops playing, doesnt leave voice channel
* .disconnect || .dc: disconnects the bot from the channel

Join our discord!

You can join our discord for asupport, questions, and just hanging out! the first 20 people that join will receive a special role called: Early birds. pretty cool huh? here's the LINK